Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Into the 21st century pedagogical model

Does my way of teaching today differ from when first taught 20 years ago?

Need I change the way I teach?
Do all the learning theories still relevant for me today?
What is it then to be changed?
Why is it to be changed?
How may I change it?
Where am I now?

Loads of questions....endless answers....BUT answer that fits them all....

Teaching is BUT a devotion!


  1. A teacher at heart: I have passion in enhancing my teaching delivery. I would like to share my video that I created to express how obsessed I am with my belief that ' a teacher is a true lifelong learner'. Thus I learn, unlearn and relearn to improve myself in order to improve others.

    Hope this video inspires anybody out there. If it does, please let me know. If it doesn't then give me feedback to improve.
    Happy watching.

  2. I am very inspired after watching this video. It gives me an idea to change my very dull teaching delivery methods at school. Thank you Dr. Norliza for giving me an idea.

    1. TQ mr xxxx. Whoever you are, I am glad that it inspires you to inspire others. That's why we are here, a khaliph to serve to ourselves and to others indirectly.