Friday, 22 March 2013

Why a PhD or Masters?

Once you embark on your PhD or Masters...

The moment you are thinking about doing a PhD or Masters (advanced degree) it would be the moment you are blessed with wishful spirits to extend your cognitive (intellectual) capacity as well as  mental capability  (endurance, perseverance, resilience, etc). That moment is an indicator that you are embarking into the first out of the multilayersof complex suffering yet intriguing  metacognitive processes.

Intellectuality and capacity will be tested...your relationship will be tested, in both with Allah and human beings.

Thus, it is a good path to uncover your strengths and weaknesses.

When Mr Cloud weds Miss Ground: A personal account on creative teaching delivery attempt

When ‘Mr Cloud' weds ‘Miss Ground’: A personal account on a creative teaching delivery attempt  by integrating cloud computing and grounded teaching facilities.
Norliza Kushairi (PhD)
IPG Kampus Darulaman

This is my personal account while attempting to embed creativity in my teaching as a response to the current call for 21st century learning skills and classroom models. Owing to the dullness and stagnant in presenting the lecture, the attempt was carried out by using cloud computing merged with grounded teaching facilities to create an astonising presentation style for my lecture. While navigating my teaching delivery, I encountered many possibilities and impossibilities. Apart from enriching my strenghts, it invaluably discloses my rectifiable weaknesses; the ones that I didn’t believe needed to be addressed before. The contentment and satisfaction derived from the experience evidenced in the students’ after-class-reflection and written responses, paved to a whole new perspective of mind reboosting. What I gathered from the endeavor is the lesson for life; lifelong learning could be manifested only if you are willing to expose yourself for possibilities and impossibilities. To ‘learn, unlearn and relearn’ is the whole true notion to be grasped and exercised by a 21st century teacher.

To be presented at Seminar Zon Utara IPGM (23-25 April 2013)