Monday, 12 May 2014

The More I Explore, The More I Feel Tinier...

Today, after about five days I joined a workshop on 21st century skills for educators by Prof AK Alias (Thanks to you, Prof), I have a mixed feelings on being an educator of this century. Series of exploration and discovery, pursuant to the workshop, brought me to endless apps in the digital world. Very far from a noble notion of 'tech savvy' or 'IT-geek', what drives me is only a so-called passion to enhance my teaching delivery in order to ensure a meaningful learning, not only to my students, but most importantly to me (as the one who preaches other people to keep on learning).

In the labyrinth of the digital jungle, I try not to loss focus, siding my tiresome and boredom, by holding on to 'the end justifies the means' principle - excitedly want to see the end result of my so-called devotion. It is a painstaking journey. Nevertheless, it is an inspiring and exciting embarkment that make the experience priceless. Coupled with perseverance and resilience, feeling 'tinier' each time a new discovery is made, sense of gratitude to the Creator of all the creation heightened. SubhanAllah! All praises for you My Lord.

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