Friday, 17 October 2014

workshop on MS word for thesis ended succesfully

18-19 May (SUn-Monday) 2014.

PROSPEN IPGKDA held a course on MS Word for thesis facilitated by Dr Mohd Zuli Jaafar from UiTM Kampus Jasin.
Heartfelt gratitude to dedicated effort of Dr Mohd Zuli Jaafar and committed participants.
InsyaAllah, we will handle such workshops again.

Mental block-writer's block

It's been a while. no, not a while. It's almost been a year.

Today, I am back. Trying to write. well a lot to write eventhough I wasn't in here.

And actually I wrote. But somewhere else. In my doa, in my solah. I write all my lament, joy, bitterness.

because not every experience I faced is nice to be read by others. Not every thought that I made is good to be shared by others. And not every story that I created please others to listen to.

so I write. I write in my mind, in my heart, in my thought. And for all the experience, the thought or the stories I owned, Allah is my loyal friend-ever ready to listen without even having me to please Him.

Thanks. I am writing again.