Monday, 20 August 2018

antara english dan idea

Baca pengalamaan msg2, it reminisces mine.

With regards to english usage, i'm not a TESLian and being dumped in Bristol's post grad school of which surrounded by mostly TESLian really proved a challenge. My SV selalu kata, eng saya macam terlalu structured, which is not suitable for social science punya language. Dia suh saya masuk kelas eng (masa tu ielts saya 7) dan rasa diri sangat teruk sbb kena blajar eng semula. Dia kata, Saya suka tulis ' the data proves that' which for her in soc sc x leh macam tu. Dia kata in soc sc kena well guarded like 'the data suggests that', 'it may well be obvious that...' Bukan 'it is obvious....' Bla bla bla. Saya termenung, macamana nak blajar lenggok eng soc science. Grammar tu satu hal, article 'a' 'the' bila nak buh and x perlu buh... Fuhhhh. Baca mat salleh tulih sedap je.Lama saya menatap articles written for pure and soc sci discipline, comparing  and cntrasting and trying to rewrite. 
Gradually and finally saya dapat lah nmpak bezanya. Rupanya lenggok bahasa soc sci lbh mencabar especially if u r doing quali or mixed. It was truly a learng process for me. From the xperience, i learnt how to write critically and analytically ( stll learng actually) and the process goes on till now.  The more u think u know,the more u don't know how much more is unknown, and that keeps u motivated to go along.
The excitement of knowing what you don't know and about to discover, keeps yrself moving on... 

Just my 2 cent experience

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