Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Do we need to use sophisticated gadget during lesson starter (induction set)

Watch this video: A simple yet effective lesson starter

Do we need to use sophisticated gadget during lesson starter (induction set)?

The answer is Yes and No


Well, if you have access to a sophisticated gadget that will make your students wide-mouthed watching you and your gadget, then, YES!!!! on your mark!!!!! Get set Go!!!!

But, unfortunately, you're 'dumped' at a rural school, a mediocre school, with no access to internet , or no electricity to plug in your gadget, or no projector to flare your beautiful powerpoint, then what choice do you have as a lesson starter?

Now, look around you.

What do you have? what the environment can offer you?

Oh! My pupils always mess their places. Really? Then, use that as your 'weapon'.

"C'mon boys and girls, do you want some treat? Those who have the cleanest table will get a treat from me during recess tomorrow "

Your voice!!!! Make it sound fun. Of course, use your sense of humor.

You know your students better than me. Do homework on your students' background- part of a teacher's job -  and a  compulsory trait for effective teachers.

well, to get some idea, you may watch this video.

This teacher wants to teach 'Verb: jump, run, stomp, etc" but she needs to get her students to listen attentively to her prior to the lesson.

This video shows how she deliver her induction set.

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