Monday, 20 August 2018

Hands-on but minds-off? Where does the constructivism go?

'Ohh! That dreadful practicum' series-DrNK

Today I observed a trainee-teacher  teaching Science to Year 3 students.

The teacher told me that he had prepared a constructivist-approach lesson.

A very well-planned lesson, I would say, which I would like to share it with you.

Topic: Tanah (Soil)- types and properties
Objectives: Pupils will be able to differentiate the types of soil in terms of their texture.

While watching the video, please help yourself with these questions:

1. What do you understand from a constructivist approach?
2. Do you think the approach the teacher used is a constructivist one (video 1)?
3. Compare the first video with the second video.
Are there any differences that you see?

have your say.

Video 1: students line up

Then, read this:
In the first video, teacher called upon a group to line up and touch and feel the soil. then they went back to their table.

While other students were forced to wait at their table and did nothing.

-Were the students remember 'the soil' once they got back to their table? Why didnt the teacher gave a set of soils for each group and let them explore on their own?
-Why made the other pupils waited without doing anything?

video 2: students 'do' the soil thing

In the second video, pupils are given the chance to 'feel' the soil. What do you think the pupils feel about this learning experience? Compare with the first video, were they happy?

apart from the above matters, it's not only about hands-on that we should focus on. The more crucial part is how we foster the 'minds-on', in other words, the HOTS in students while they carry out such activities?

Well, it's your turn to think!



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