Monday, 6 August 2018

Important Prerequisite that people always let go: Passionate to explore

Assalamualaikum Word4Thesis's Fans,

My name is Dr Norliza Kushairi. Sometimes, I team up with Dr Zuli during his workshops.

Let me share some experience dealing with enthusiastic participants during our workshops. 

From series of workshops done, I found that most of us are keen to learn MS Word for Thesis. However, we (not all) tend to forget ONE important element that we should bring together with us to the workshop, or even when we're alone. This forgettable element creates anxiety in us while writing a thesis

Before we start panicking that our thesis format betrays us, please, inculcate this 'element' in us:-


 Or simply ask ourselves: Am I passionate enough to explore (the features in Word)?

This SUPERB word (actually 'ATTITUDE') "PASSIONATE" might save us hundred years of unnecessary stress and head-aches.

What do I mean with 'PASSIONATE to EXPLORE'?

It means that "Don't be afraid to Explore, Dude". Easy.

The underlying meaning is - BE BRAVE, BE COURAGEOUS to HIT THE KEYBOARD (Mat Salleh kata, 'don't be  a coward, after all it's just a keyboard, they cannot bite you'). Difficult.

Now, tips....
Be naughty with your keyboard...
Be mischievous with your computer screens..
Click and explore anywhere on MS word features that you like...that you are afraid before...

So friends, I am reminding myself too - just feel free to explore the features in MS Word....
*click any tabs, 
*punch any menus, 
*scroll up and down the submenus, 
*jump up and down all the options, 
*climb up and down the buttons, 
try and error, later, you will be surprised of how you learn things so fast...

...and how you find yourself submitting your thesis in no time! insya Allah.

Till then. 

These message/tip will also be available in our forthcoming book (with Mohd Zuli Jaafar)

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